RESERVATION & Rental Racket


  • LIBC charges per player and not by hour per court. The players can stay in the court based on the number of people. See chart below.

  • for private/tournament court reservation, please contact us to discuss the reservation.


  • Group reservation will pay per number of players (not by court hours) as indicated on reservation.
  • Players will need to find their group of players to reserve a court.

  • LIBC management has the right to move the court number reserved online without prior notice where we see fit in order to maximize court usage.
  • LIBC management has the right to reduce court time if the group of players who showed up are less than the reservation head count unless all reservation are paid in full. 
  • Cancellation made less than 24hours, a 50% court fee will be charged to the group.
  • No show group will be charged 100% court fee and future booking will require full payment first. 
  • If more players show up without prior notification, LIBC will try its best to extend time for the group, but not guaranteed;

  • If less players show up, the group is responsible to pay for the no show player or the court time will be reduced.

  • Repeated offense for less than 24hours cancellation and less number of people showing up, the group will need to pay full court fee in advance prior to making future court booking.

  • For players who will arrive late, we do not guarantee that you can stay full reservation hour if there's a next group after your reservation. We highly suggest to arrive on time especially during peak hours.