Private Training

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Master Head Coach : Chibing Wu - mainly in NYBC location (please contact NYBC 646-271-3228 to reserve coach Chibing at LIBC)

  • Former China National Player, Spain National Player, and USA National Player.
  • Achieved several international awards with the biggest achievement of Bronze medalist at the BWF World Championship 1989.
  • Over 2 decades of coaching experience
  • had produced several top students among Northeast region.
  • Fun fact: He's a sports car fanatic! He's also a sushi lover! Can you guess how many sushi plates can he finish in one sitting??

Junior Head Coach : Ming Tan - mainly in LIBC location 

  • Former Malaysian State Player 
  • 13+ years of coaching experience
  • Achieved several awards both from Malaysia and U.S.A
  • had produced several top students among Northeast region. Some of his students made it to top 10 junior USA.  
  • Fun fact: He graduated in culinary arts focus in french cuisine and he got the opportunity to work for the legend Thomas Keller at Per Se. Somehow, he finds his way back in badminton. 

International Coaches : available 7 days in a week.

  • All former State and National Player level athlete. 
  • 2 to 15+ years of coaching experience.
  • All coaches at this level have attained international achievements. 

Club Coaches : mostly available on weekends only and some weekdays. 
  • All coaches are professionally trained and competed in local, regional, and/or national level within the U.S.A. 
  • Some of our club coaches are still actively participating in USAB sanctioned tournaments, local and out of state tournaments or Intercollegiate tournaments and continuously prove to dominate in the sports.However, they chose to focus to advance in their academics achievements and professional work.