Group Training





  • 1 Session (2hours) = $60

  • 10x package = $500 ($50/session)

  • 20x package = $900 ($45/session)

  • 30x package = $1200 ($40/session)

LIBC Portal Tutorial:




How to Sign up:

Step 1: Click here to open the libc portal. (

Step 2: Click on the "Don't Have and Account" 

Step 3:  Enter your personal Email address. and Enter Parent's Name. Then click Sign Up button. 

Step 4: Check your email's inbox (or Spam mailbox). Then select "change password" to enter your new accoun password. Take note on this information as you will need this everytime you manage your online account. 

Adding Student Information and Adding Class Package:

Step 1: Log back in to the portal link

Setp 2: Select the location 

Step 3: Click on "Create Group Training" tab to create. 


Step 4: Add information needed on the page. 

Note: Add +1 in front of the phone number.

Note: Make sure to write First and Last name of the student as we have many students of the same first and/or last name.

Then Click Submit.

LIGRG-# will be created. Please make sure to use this number when communicating with LIBC management.

Step 5: Complete Payment to LIBC management. 

Step 6: Once payment has been made, you may now access your scheduling link on the portal. 

How to Set up Schedule:

Step 1: Log back in to the portal link

Step 2: Select the Location (LIBC)

Step 3: Select the "My Group Training Registration" tab. 

The new window will show up. the top view is the summary details of your account. (see photo in step 6)

Step  4: Select "Set Schedule Here"

  • On this page, you will see if you have any balance due.
  • Annotation 1: when you click this, it will go back to previous page.
  • Annotation 2: when you click this, it will go back to home page.

Step 4: Click on any of days, then the session available will show up.

Step 5: Click the session (time) so the pop up window will notify you what group level is offered on that time.

Step. 6: Select the day/ time on the checkbox under the name of the student. (see pink box on the photo)

Step 7: Select " Submit" to complete scheduling.

Step 8: You are all set! Your attendance will be automatically deducted by the system.

A text notification will receive the day before to remind you of the class schedule and to remind you if you need to cancel or reschedule your class. Note that some phone carrier mark our text messages as spam. if that happens, you will not be able to receive the automated text messages.

Failure to cancel or reschedule attendance 10pm the night before the booked class, LIBC management will not be able to give you back the credit UNLESS doctor's note has been provided.

Step 9: To view or cancel your selected schedule, select "My schedule" tab. uncheck the unwanted class and hit submit.



Group Training Details:

Class Group Size :

  • 1 coach : minimum 4 students up to 6 students. 

Class Routine : 

  • All student attendees will perform stretching and warm up drills together at the beginning of the session. (attendance will be taken at this point - please ensure you mention the full name you registered for.)
  • Students will be group accordingly based on the skill level. NOT BY AGE GROUP
    • Please expect that some older junior students can be grouped to younger junior students as we have students that starts learning badminton program at an earlier age.
    • Please expect that there will be new students or older students that may join on the following sessions, hence, your group assignment may vary based on the attending participants. 
    • There might be an occasion where (old/new) students are accepted in the school team but may need to undergo re-learning basic skills to correct any formed bad habits. It is imperative that each player master the basic skills in order to level up and to perform high level skills accurately.
  • Assigned coaches will be in random order every session and may not coach the same group every week. 
  • Each students will have an equal opportunity to perform drills. If you require more 1on1 learning, we advise trying our private class. 

Note: Any LIBC CANCELLATION due to tournaments, holiday or weather condition WILL BE ANNOUNCED VIA THIS PAGE or via LIBC training wechat group. (Feel free to ask about our wechat after becoming an active LIBC student)