Group Training

Long Island Badminton Center is a brand new Badminton facility with 5 professional courts, located in Westbury, Nassau county. Professional coaches with over 15-30 years of coaching history and experience.

Playing badminton games alone will not be enough to become a good badminton player. With the right set of training and the drills you can leverage an advantage over your opponents. Our training programs are specifically designed to help students work on technique, footwork, and strategic game playing. Each class is allotted around 2 hr for training.

Ages: Programs: 6-19


Beginner Class:   This Class is designed for beginners with zero or minimum experience in Badminton. Learning from basic strokes, rules, footworks. To establish correct format and good habit.

Intermediate Class: This Class works on students’ fundamental drills, offense, defense and doubles rotation. This training benefits the advanced beginner as well as intermediate level students. Players have training with basic stroke and footworks can enter this level.

Advanced Class: This Class is designed for elite players who arein H.S. PSAL team and wish to take their technique to a more competitive level.
Students work on physicals, stamina, accuracy & consistency of techniques, game strategies, advance footwork.

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